November 10 2012

Dear internet, would you do me a solid?

This is the favor.

It is actually a favor for Casey. He is participating in Startup Weekend this weekend, which is a 54 hour marathon thing where ideas are pitched, teams are formed, work madness ensues, and a product is presented at the end of the weekend. They are currently in the middle of day 2, which began at 9am this morning and I suspect will go on through most of the night.

ANYWAY, Casey’s team is developing a game called Otters vs Penguins. I don’t know much about it (he got home really late last night), other than the fact that it is a two player social game where the each player takes an individual turn (a la Words With Friends).

The team is in the thick of it, but they need some customer data. They have a survey monkey thing here and are desperate for information. It takes about 45 seconds to complete, and I know they would be so grateful for your time and effort.

Thanks! I promise to repay the favor the next chance I get.


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