September 01 2008

Okay, look. This shit is turning me into a raving lunatic. But for shits and giggles, let’s look at how history is being rewritten.

Over the weekend, this pic was captioned as a family picture from Christmas, 2007. That is the infamous “OMG, Bristol has a baby bump” pic that spawned a ton of innuendo, including from yours truly. Actually, I just said her arms were in an interesting position. That really is what jumped out at me.

Now that Sarah Palin has announced Bristol’s ‘pregnancy’, that picture, originally found here, now has no content. I know it was there because I linked to it, for fuck’s sake.

The caption has now been edited and the picture is found here.

Sarah Palin at home with her family in Wasilla, Alaska in 2006. From left is Piper, 5, husband Todd, Willow, 12, and at right is Bristol, 16. Not pictured is Palin’s son Track, 17. Trig Palin was born in 2008.

Yes, it now says it was taken in 2006. Note the ages of the children, who have apparently not aged since then.

Take a good look at the picture. This time, focus not on Bristol, but rather, young “5 year old Piper.” She’s adorable, yes?

Now, let’s look at another AP photo of Piper from the actual year of 2006.

Are you kidding me? This is unreal. Kids don’t grow backwards, not even in Alaska.


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